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10 Web Design Tips for a Small Business

web design tips for small business

If you’re a small business owner making a website for your business, there are two main things to keep in mind; the design and the user experience

Your website’s design should effortlessly reflect the style and overall vibe of your business, letting everyone who lands on your website know what your business is all about in a few seconds. The user experience means how smooth and easy to use and navigate your website is, which is also linked to the design.

Check out the fresh website design we made for eco-friendly hair salon, Moyo, a client of ours who wanted a website that reflected their brand values and made it easy for clients to book appointments through their website and purchase their range of Aveda products. We also integrated an online store page and booking system to gain more revenue and save both staff and clients time.
So, what makes a great website design? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 web design tips for small business:

1. Make it eye-catching

The average time spent on a webpage is 15 seconds, so if your website doesn’t get the attention of your visitors they’ll hop on to the next, fast!

2. Your website should instantly tell your visitors what kind of business you are.

That’s done through the colours, font & images you use; a red and black colour scheme doesn’t scream dental surgery, for example.

3. Make sure the information people are looking for is presented clearly

And is easy to find. People won’t take time to hunt for what they’re for; make sure the important info is visible.

4. Include clear calls to action on your website.

If the primary function of your website is to sell products, make sure there’s a quick and easy way to start shopping in your store. If the goal is to get reservations, make sure there’s an obvious ‘make a reservation’ button.

5. Use good quality images.

Pictures speak a thousand words and if yours are low quality the message they give out is that your business is of low quality, too.

6. Make sure the images are properly compressed.

Images that are too heavy for the web will slow your website down and impair the user experience. Not only that, if your website is slow Google will penalise it by ranking it low.

7. Make sure the overall design is clean and easy to read.

Too much information or an overload of content will crowd the site and make it feel fussy and lengthy to read. Make sure the layout is simple and offers an easy to use navigation system to find the information your visitor is looking for.

8. Use clear, simple fonts

And avoid overloading your homepage with too much text or information that would be better suited on one of your other pages.

9. Choose a colour scheme.

A colour scheme of two or three colours keeps things clear and easy to read. Use your company colours if you have some, and if not choose colours that make sense to your type of business. Take a look at the fresh colour scheme we used for the web design of healthy tea brand, nu infusions, here.

10. Ensure your business contact information

Contact information should be up to date and easy to find. Don’t make people hunt to find how to contact you, make everything easy!

Are you looking for a website designer for your small business website redesign? At Mamma Marketing we’re full of web design tips for small business, all set to give your business’ online presence a full service glow-up. Our team of designers work with you throughout the process making sure your website looks just as you imagined as well as optimising each and every one for SEO from the very beginning.

Check out some of our case studies and see how our web design services for small business have helped all kinds of small businesses build an online presence that properly represents their brand and actively finds them new customers simultaneously.

Need some guidance on where to start?

Our team is here to answer any questions to get your online presence working for you!

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