Add Ons

How it Works

Depending on what your situation is, your business will need different levels of different services. Our team is available to answer any questions by email or on a free consultation.

Add Ons

Marketing strategies

Newsletter Marketing
Whether it’s every month, twice a month or twice per year, keeping in touch with your customers and subscribers with news, promotions, spotlights or just lots of value, is very important for many small businesses. You’ll be surprised with the feedback you’ll get…
Email Marketing
Direct marketing strategies to your loyal or potential customers is a proven strategy that has a direct impact on increased sales. We provide the full suite for this strategy, from building lists of contacts to a/b testing and tracking every email and landing page.
Account based marketing
Specifically for B2B, we’ll target decision makers in a certain organisation with what you have to offer. We work with you by emailing and advertising to them with the right message at the right time, for what they need.
Inbound marketing
Generate inbound leads by giving value to your current and potential customers by creating content that is helpful and gives value to them. Your content will be seen because of a campaign we’re doing to promote it or that blog post being found high on Google search due to keywords and SEO being used.

Media & Design

Our team of designers and marketers come together with you and your team to develop upper brand and portray it how you want it to be seen, felt and talked about.
Serving anywhere in the country, from Skibbereen to Letterkenny, for butchers or beer breweries, we offer half or full day sessions.
Our videography team travels far and wide to document the human side of your business, they’ll take some photos too!
Video Editing
Using and reusing video footage and photos for your website, promotions or social media campaigns, we’ll show a quick turnaround.
Graphic Design
our creative team of designers work with you to make sure your business looks beautiful, online and offline


Making sure your website runs smoothly is something that shouldn’t cross your mind, leave it to our professionals
Email Management
It’s a basic essential that your business emails are working as they should be, every minute of the year, we don’t allow any downtime.
A secure, fast and reliable place for your website to be hosted is important for every business, no matter what country your users are in, the website will be fast.

Visibility Online

Website Optimisation
The foundation of being found online (SEO) is your website obeying Google’s rules and algorithms. We do this effectively while showing results
International SEO
Whether your business is targeting people in specific countries or a specific region, who search for your products or services on Google, we can help

Being Human

Our team and partners span across several countries, covering most main languages spoken. It’s important to have someone that not only translates your content, but culturally rewrites it and optimises it with seo and keywords.
Customer Interaction
Communicating and following on social media, and replying to your reviews makes your business more human online. People trust people, not businesses. We interact on your behalf, that fits your brand and tone of voice.

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Get in touch for a consultation to discuss your brand’s requirements, goals and vision for your business.