It was a must for Brendan to adapt his business to online where his millennium audience spends most of their time

Website case

Why BK Boards turned to online

Recent circumstances gave Brendan a good kick up the arse to get with the times and grow online. Now is the time because everyone is online! It was particularly important for Brendan to do this as his target audience are mostly millennials.

Overall problems they were facing before working with us

  • 1.

    A substandard website and a underwhelming social media presence - overly reliant on word of mouth in local communities
  • 2.

    When COVID began, going online became essential to keep sales active. With no online presence and full closure from lockdown, his business was basically asleep.
  • 3.

    He had no knowledge of SEO or how to be found online by more people searching for skateboards or skate gear
  • 4.

    There was no engagement on social media

Marketing is an investment

You get what you give. In our case, you get even more. But, after trying to do it all himself and not seeing the full potential – now he’s seen the light. We offer all the services Brendan needs and he’s still involved in brainstorming, content planning while helping us improve results each month. 


Sept 2019

Stage One Started

Sept 2019

Week 1-2 Quick fixes (GMB, SSL)

Sept 2019

Week 2-3 Basic SEO

Oct 2019

Week 4-7 Website Design

Nov 2019

Beginning of Stage Two


A new website design that portrays the brand in its best light by appealing to his target audience (teens and young adults)

An active and relevant social media presence – essential for reaching and engaging with 14-25 year olds in Ireland

SEO strategies have been implemented and Brendan‘s business is steadily jumping up the rankings for google search results in Ireland for keywords related to skateboards and accessories

Next Steps

  • 1.

    Selling his skateboards online nationwide has always been a goal, but BK4Boards lacked the knowledge, time and finances to pay the going rate in Ireland for SEO services. Luckily our team charges half the going rate for top quality SEO service
  • 2.

    A big push on social media is on the cards with the use of micro influencers and professional videographer/photographer shoots
  • 3.

    User generated content is gold for social media, so we’ll implement engaging competitions and contests for a dramatic boost

Stage Three

Moyo Hair and Beauty

This Dublin salon followed the stages and increased the amount of new customers by 20% after only six months.

Stage Two

Icon Fasteners

A business that relies heavily on new customers coming from online needed a full service team to help with all of the important elements to their online presence.

Stage One

Lorraine Fletcher

A niche artist with a loyal client base, ready to attract new customers and connect to a thriving online art community.