Boyd Associates

Brick-and-mortar generation business owner forced to adapt quickly to this new digital reality after COVID heavily impacted his business.

Website case

Helping a ‘brick-and-mortar’ generation business adapt online

Gene had no real knowledge of websites, branding or other important digital marketing necessities. Because of the COVID restrictions, Gene had no alternative but to move his business online in a hurry. We have taken Gene each step of the way and will continue to teach him how he can develop and grow a strong online presence.

Overall problems they were facing before working with us

  • 1.

    Very basic and old fashioned website that didn’t properly convey Gene’s experience and professionalism
  • 2.

    Gene (owner) had no real knowledge of where to start when it came to moving his business online, while his competitors had been developing their online presence for years
  • 3.

    When COVID hit, the urgent transition to online business and marketing became vital for his business’ survival.

Saving time and improving his service

The new website saves time for Gene by automating several processes while simultaneously improving communication with new and potential clients. This was very important for him as Gene has no employees helping with time consuming tasks like scheduling consultations, replying to emails and taking phone calls.


Sept 2019

Stage One Started

Sept 2019

Week 1-2 Quick fixes (GMB, SSL)

Sept 2019

Week 2-3 Basic SEO

Oct 2019

Week 4-7 Website Design

Nov 2019

Beginning of Stage Two


  • 1.

    We use our trusty step-by-step process - building and designing the website before implementing the SEO so he can start being found by people searching for the courses and services Gene offers
  • 2.

    The new website has added several automated processes that save time while improving the quality of service. This became very important as Gene is a one-man operation with no employees to help with time consuming tasks like scheduling, consultations, phone calls, etc.

Next Steps

  • 1.

    The next step is to professionally edit his videos and the learning material he shares with his students
  • 2.

    After, we’ll move on to more advanced marketing strategies like social media marketing and digital advertising
  • 3.

    We will continue to educate Gene on the important tasks he can do online (both big and small tasks) while being available when he needs to maintain everything for him.