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Can I Apply For A Second Training Online Voucher (TOV)?

Can I Apply For A Second Training Online Voucher (TOV)?

Already applied for the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) and are wondering if you can apply a second time? Local Enterprise Offices across Ireland are supporting small businesses by funding half of their marketing costs; and it gets better…you can apply for this government grant not once, but twice!

At Mamma Marketing, we’ve helped almost 100 Irish businesses successfully secure the Trading Online Voucher and put it to good use. With the grant we’ve enhanced these businesses’ online presence through redesigning websites, implementing SEO strategies, managing social media accounts and more.

To show our clients exactly what we’re doing each month, we send monthly reports showing the progress we’ve made and the return on investment they’re making as well as what future strategies we’re planning. So you can rest assured your investment is in good hands.

Applying For The Second Trading Online Voucher

The LEO (local enterprise office) recommends using your first Trading Online Voucher for website design & development and the second on your marketing strategy. It’s important to make sure that your website is done properly before investing money on a long-term marketing strategy.

You can go ahead and apply for your second TOV as soon as you’ve requested the 50% reimbursement from your first application. We help you get all your paperwork ready to go so that you’re all prepared for when the moment comes to reapply.

How To Use The Second TOV

The advice from the LEO is that the second TOV be used to create a professional marketing plan. At the time of application you’ll be required to outline exactly what you’ll be doing with the grant, it’s important you stick to this brief to be sure you receive the 50% reimbursement. If you end up doing something completely different to what you outlined in your trading online voucher application form your reimbursement might not be approved.

Take a look at how we helped a client of ours, Moyo, a hair salon in Dublin, secure and use their first Trading Online Voucher. We used the grant to completely redesign their website, optimise it for SEO & curate their social media profiles. Moyo saw such success from this work that they came to us again to work with them to use the second TOV on a long-term marketing strategy.

We always make sure to tailor the work we do to the specific needs of the business, so whether it’s a new website that you need, SEO marketing, professional photography, Ad campaigns or a social media plan, our three stage process will help us identify together what your business’ online needs are and make a marketing plan that’s completely tailored to you.

Want to find out more about the Trading Online Voucher scheme and how it can help your business? Get in touch for expert advice on how to get the most out of the grant, and even better we’ll help you apply and do all the paperwork for you! Never fear, mamma’s here!

Need some guidance on where to start?

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