July 18, 2019 Alice

How a restaurant can increase traffic and revenue with a strong online presence

“If you build it they will come” is a mantra that can be used for baseball fields, however when it comes to running a restaurant in 2019 an online presence is paramount to your success.  Potential customers will go online, on their phones to find you. You must be there for them when they look. Studies show that people rarely look past the top three restaurants on their google search*.   A strong website that appeals to your target market boosts the appeal to customers that want your food. Whether you’re a mom and pop diner or a 5-star restaurant with 20 seats, having an excellent online presence is pivotal to increasing your restaurant’s customer base.

Tablet with google page

A strong word of mouth campaign has traditionally been the bread and butter of local restaurant marketing.  In 2019 the word of mouth is online, on places like Yelp and Instagram. You should be proactive in those spaces, especially social media.  Business reviews by customers on places by Yelp should be responded to whether they’re negative or positive. A negative 1-star review can be made to look a lot better with a positive response.  Social media will exponentially increase your online status if used right. Quality content put out at a high volume along multiple platforms is key to filling up your seats. 

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How do you break into that coveted top 3 on a potential costumer’s google search?  The answer is not expensive google ads that charge for clicks. The answer is search engine optimization (SEO).  Google, Bing and other search engines prioritize key words, videos and volume. Key words need to be in your website and in different posts.   Google also loves putting videos high up on their page, having awesome videos will drive up traffic. How often a restaurant posts in their website is key to that coveted top 3 spot on a google search.

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As you know in restaurant business everyone is always looking for that competitive advantage.  A modern website with beautiful pictures and engaging videos that appeals to your customers and future customers should be that edge.  Keeping in touch with customers via social media and reviews will increase returning customers and bring in new ones. Being the first name that pops on someone’s smartphone will most certainly drive up your revenue.  There will be tangible results that will come from cohesive online marketing campaign.