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How Can A Website Get More Clients When Ranking On The First Page Of Google?

Get More Clients

A website is not just a pretty representation of your business. A website can get you more clients if it is done correctly. In this blog, we will discuss the elements of a website that will first get you found on Google and then get you chosen. 

Being Found: SEO

To get your business found on Google you need to ensure that your website has good SEO practices in place. Without a solid strategy, you could spend €10,000 on a new site and still not get any new visitors. No SEO means no one can find you online. 

Remember those maths books back in the day when they presented you with a problem and asked you to figure out the solution using logic? Let’s think of it like that.

Sally is in a new town, is very hungry and needs to find a restaurant to eat at. 

Sally searches online for “restaurants near me” and straight away she can see 5 or 6 establishments with great reviews and photos. 

In order to eat quickly does she;

  1. Scroll to the second page of Google just to make sure she hasn’t missed anything?
  2. Choose from the well-reviewed restaurants in the top 5 on the first page? 

In this instance the correct answer is B. In fact, only 25% of online users scroll to page 2 of Google search results. That is why you need SEO. If applied correctly it will instantly bring in new clients and create a sense of trust in your brand.

Website Keywords

Keywords are another reason why SEO is vital for website success. Before our team at Mamma Marketing implement any SEO strategies, we always make sure that thorough keyword research is carried out. This guarantees that your website is optimised with the strongest keywords possible for your business and its location, ensuring you are found for what you do best.

Our client Moyo, a salon in Dublin, didn’t just want to be found for generic search terms. Their niche of sustainability and using organic products was important to them so we wanted to make sure we targeted a specific audience who held the same values. 

Now, Moyo can be found at the top of Google search for their targeted keywords; “organic hair salon in Dublin,” “sustainable salon in Dublin” and “Aveda salon in Dublin,” as well as “hairdressers in Dublin,” and “hair salon in Dublin.” Check out their SEO results, here.

Making your keywords niche does not mean fewer people will find you. In fact, the more specific you are, the more Google will reward you and the higher up the search results you’ll go. 

You can read more about the benefits of SEO and why incorporating it into your web design is important here; SEO Web Design: How to attract more clients?

Being Chosen: Website Experience

Once SEO works its magic and people find you online, the next step is to convert them into customers. This can be achieved by ensuring that you offer a user-friendly experience once people land on your site. 

Designing a website that not only looks the part but gets new clients may seem like a no-brainer but quite often we work with clients whose websites are not fast enough, mobile responsive, or easy to navigate. We must fix this to ensure that their site brings in new customers and gives them a return on their investment.

This is actually so common that we have written a blog on 5 common mistakes when making a new website.

As an Irish company, we recognise that the web design industry in Ireland is saturated with options when it comes to choosing the right designer. At Mamma Marketing we make it our mission to offer expert full-service digital marketing that includes only the best practices at honest and reasonable prices. We don’t use templates ensuring that when we build your website, it caters exactly to your needs and that of your customers. 
Remember a website can only make you money if it’s built right in the first place. Get in touch  with us today and we’ll do a free report on your site to see if all is working as it should.

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