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How long do SEO changes take to start showing results?

how long for seo changes to take effect

One of our most frequently asked questions from clients is “how long for seo changes to take effect?” The seo results time frame varies due to a few factors such as your business’ level of competition, its domain authority and the amount of work you’re prepared to put into it. 

Let’s take a look at the three steps we undergo when doing SEO in more detail:

1. Optimise the front & back end of the website

The first step when it comes to undertaking SEO for any website is to optimise the front and back end with the relevant keywords. We do this by optimising each page of your website individually with your targeted keywords, ensuring your website can be properly read by Google and therefore displayed to its users when they search for the products and/or services your business offers. 

Oftentimes clients come to us wanting help with getting their website to rank higher on Google and when we check their website, this first essential step hasn’t been done. As a result, any advanced SEO work undertaken from then onwards will not deliver the results it should.

2. Basic SEO 

When we talk about ‘basic SEO’ we’re talking about the process of registering your website, keywords and other information on over 30 reputable platforms. When Google sees your website is in connection with these well-known platforms, it will consider your website more important and therefore will move it up its rankings. 

This will also affect the seo results time frame.Therefore we will start to witness results from these first two steps in around 4 to 6 weeks. After that, the results start to grow exponentially and we’ll see the full results after around 3 to 4 months.

3. Blog posts & FAQs

The third aspect to SEO is creating SEO optimised blog posts and FAQs that link to your website. Blog posts and FAQs including your targeted keywords will help Google to know that your website includes useful information for its users and it will rank you higher as a result. 

This kind of content and SEO changes will help your website to be found by your ideal customers who are searching for the kinds of things you’re posting on your blog/FAQs page, bringing in organic traffic to your website.

4. To summarise

Depending on a few factors such as your website’s domain authority and the amount of SEO your competitors are doing, you can expect to start seeing a rise in your ranking between week 4 to 6, which will continue to rise until around week 12 to 16. So this is how long it can take for seo changes to take effect. If you continue to do ongoing SEO changes, your website will continue to rise through the rankings and stay there over time.

At Mamma Marketing, we send you monthly reports outlining what we’ve been doing and the results it’s produced so you can see the ongoing improvements month on month. These reports will show you the number of visitors your website is experiencing compared with the previous month, as well as the number of sales and/or bookings it’s receiving.

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