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How often to post on social media and why is it important

Why You Should Be Active And How Often To Post On Social Media

You go to the dentist and are asked, as always, to wait and take a seat – what do you do? You sit down, take out your phone and you scroll through social media. All of us do it because let’s face it, those magazines in your dentist’s reception have been there since 1992. Whether we’re waiting for a friend at a restaurant, standing at the bus stop or just need a minute to unwind, chances are we’re on social media. It has become part of our lives now, your customers live on social media, so should your business.

Word of mouth through social media is just as important and effective as receiving a recommendation straight from a friend. A person sharing a story or post about your business online will reach more people than that person could if they just spoke to one or two friends. It’s important to take the initiative and try to monetize this business opportunity.

Are you a business that has little to no social media presence? Not to worry, it’s never too late to start.
Being on social media and posting once every few months is not enough, you must be active on social media to build trust, brand loyalty and awareness. Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram and saw a delicious pint or a beautiful beer garden setting? Did you then wonder where it was and imagine yourself enjoying that experience, click through to their page and scroll through their feed? Maybe you even found yourself on their website. Even if you didn’t book there and then, you discovered a business that you would not have otherwise and it is likely that it will stick in your mind for future occasions. That is the power of social media and that is why your business needs it.

How Often To Post On Social Media

So we have established that your business needs to be active on social media, but how often should you be posting? It’s important to understand that just because there are many social platforms to choose from does not mean that your business is suited to them all. Try not to bite off more than you can chew by going after every platform at once. Think smart and pick one or two that are the most popular within your key demographic.

When you have chosen your platforms you then need to look at the stats for each one, for example; how often to post on Instagram, how often to post on Twitter, the peak times for Facebook users or other outlets such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.

Most Instagram users are between the ages of 18-24 and 25-34 years of age. Experts recommend posting on Instagram at least once per day. This can seem like a lot but there are many scheduling and content creation platforms out there so you can plan ahead.

According to Facebook and its algorithms you should post no more than twice per day. Facebook’s demographic is more steady on the scale with most users being from 18 up to 44 years of age. LinkedIn and Twitter both focus more on the quality of content so the sequence for posting will depend on your overall strategy. This might explain more the differences between the sites, ideal for networking.

Posting and engaging with clients and partner brands is part and parcel of creating a strong social media presence – if your business is not posting, you’ll be forgotten. However it is not just about posting any old content, it is also about speaking to the right people, knowing what your customers want and proving that you can cater to their needs.

Simply put, if you’re not on social media you’re missing out on valuable customers and revenue. A good social media strategy is paramount to any business and should you find yourself without one, now is the time to step up and get active online to maximise your earning potential.

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