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Tips on communicating with customers on social media

How To Do Customer Service On Social Media

We’ve all been there, contacting customer service only to find ourselves crying with frustration at the end. Once you finally find a number to contact you have to wait while an auto-menu is read back to you. You finally speak to an operator and it turns out they have to transfer you to a different department. Long story short, contacting customer care can take a lot of time and leave you feeling less than cared for. 

All customers want is a quick and pleasant experience and if your business is on social media (which it should be) then you have the opportunity to provide just that. In fact, 64% of people prefer to message a business on social media compared to calling them up directly. Social media customer service is also a great way to build customer relationships and show your customers you care. You may not be running your business solely on social media but your customers spend a lot of time there so it’s easier for them to communicate with you and easily raise any queries they have.

Social media customer support can quickly become overwhelming due to the time within which customers expect a response but it is important to work strategically so that you don’t let it get the best of you and stop doing it altogether. Social media communication skills are vital for any business and done correctly, will ensure your customers return and show prospective customers that you’re the right business for them. 

Social Media Customer Service Best Practices

Respond Quickly 

You don’t want social media to take over your day so here is where you get smart. If you do not have someone who manages your social communication then schedule set times to respond to your messages, comments and reviews. Customers expect a quick response to their social queries so checking your messages every 2-3 hours will create a good impression and ensure you are not left with too many unanswered messages at the end of the day.

The Personal Touch

64% of people would rather message a business on social media than make a call so it is up to you to make sure that your customers feel heard. Sending automated messages may seem like a good idea at the time but really, all it says to your customers is that you’re not taking their query seriously. Respond to messages in a friendly and approachable manner and create a sense of understanding. It may take a little longer but it will let the customer know they are speaking to a real person and not a faceless company. 

Reply to Reviews

With great power comes great responsibility and though this is every business owner’s nightmare, answering reviews is a necessary evil if you wish to provide leading social media customer service. Customers have to take time out of their day to leave a review so responding to them shows that you care about what they have to say. In the instance you receive a negative review it is important not to get defensive as social media responses are for everyone to see. Not responding to negative reviews has proven to lower customer loyalty by 50%.

Build Trust

Business owners can often fall into the trap of selling constantly online but customer service through social media doesn’t just happen when you communicate directly with a customer, it is in everything you post. Customers will quickly get bored of the sell, sell, sell approach and unfollow your page so creating content that engages with them on a personal level is key. This type of content will build trust and loyalty with your customers and bring in new business as they like and share your posts.

Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Social platforms are a fast and effective way to communicate business updates. Not only is this a useful tool for you but it also builds engagement and credibility with your customers. Letting your followers know about anything from a change in opening times to a new staff member or product will ensure customers stay active on your page, and it’s ready-made content that will save you time. 
There are many ways to deliver great social media customer service but always stick to the basics and in essence, provide a service that you would expect yourself. Keep your narrative relatable to your customers, they want to hear your personal voice. Share the content that they tag you in and make your customers feel included and cared for by your brand. When in doubt, host a giveaway! What customer doesn’t love a reward for their loyalty?

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