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How to upsell your services or products to clients

Selling products online

You go to a fast-food restaurant, and all you want is a juicy burger. When it is your turn to place the order, you don’t just order a burger. Why? Because that just ‘feels’ incomplete, and you get a meal deal instead including a small fry and coke to go with your scrumptious burger. What you just experienced is called the art of upselling.

How can you implement this strategy in your business and upsell the services and products you offer to your clients? Selling products online is all the rage, especially in the wake of the pandemic. This indicates that there is greater competition now than there was two years ago. Due to the fact that you are providing your customers with more, upselling can also help your company stand out from the crowd.

You have achieved your aim and are no longer looking up questions like “how to sell online.” You are now looking for more creative ways to increase your revenue while simultaneously offering your clients add-ons that can benefit them. If you are looking for tips on how to sell services or products online, visit this blog for some great tips.

Let’s take a look at how you can upsell your services and products online:

1.     Do the Products/Services Add Value?

The upsell you are making must be pertinent to the customer’s interest in the primary product. This will make the add-on valuable to the customer thanks to the harmony of both the products. Let’s go back to our fast-food example, would you get a meal deal if it included a burger, a tomato, and utensils? You would not because it has no value, you don’t need utensils and you surely don’t need a raw tomato.

Have a look at a case study for The Secret Pilates, we helped Eva redesign her website, which is not just used as a virtual studio. Customers can also purchase workout DVDs. You will notice the cohesiveness between the services and products Eva is offering her clients. In addition, new students have registered for the sessions as a result of the platform’s comprehensive redesign, which was made possible with our assistance.

2.     Offer Trials and Discounts

The customer wants to see how this purchase could benefit them. Have you ever used a free trial before committing to buying a software? This trial allowed you to see how you can benefit from the software. This method is commonly known as a ‘quick win’, when you immediately provide a customer with something of value. This will also show your commitment to the customer.

Discounts are also a great way to push your sales to the next level. You can offer two products at a discount that go well together. For example, a haircut with a dye, or workout gear with the first-month gym subscription. When these products are bought separately, will cost more.

3.     The Right Marketing Strategy

Any business that wants to successfully upsell must have the appropriate time and marketing strategy. You can get in touch with us to create and implement a marketing strategy that is completely reliable so that you can effectively sell your services online.

Have a look at one of our client’s websites, Green Life Plants, this company offers plants, but it is also offering installation and maintenance. This allows Green Life to have a consistent and loyal clientele.

4.     Honesty Really is The Best Policy

Be honest with your customers, and let them know you are upselling. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like to be manipulated into a sale or would you prefer purchasing a product that adds value to your initial purchase?

Turn it into a conversation, and let them know the benefits of the purchase. This is an extremely underestimated approach.

5.     Customer Reviews

Reviews and testimonials show potential customers proof that the product is authentic. This is the backbone of almost all businesses. Don’t be shy, send an email to your previous customers to leave you a review. These will go a long way in upselling your products and building an online image.

6.     Social Media Is King

Post about your products, reviews, discounts, and trials online as much as you can to inform your existing customers and get better reach. This will help you build trust and awareness of your brand. If you’re experiencing issues with keeping your social media up to date, give us a call.

Have a look at how we have helped one of our clients, MOYO with their social media marketing.

We at Mamma Marketing understand how challenging it can be selling products online. This is why we also offer consultations so you can get the best results for your business. You will achieve your expected sales goals with the greatest digital marketing strategies and the perfect marketing team.

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