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How we helped this Dublin salon with the €2,500 govt grant

Moyo, a luxury organic hair salon in Dublin wanted a new website, social media and SEO strategy to raise awareness about their brand, and showcase their excellent quality of service.


We saw an opportunity to use the trading online grant, and helped them through the whole application process. Once they were approved we transformed their online presence.

Moyo now ranks in the top 3 for many of their target keywords, has a responsive, e-commerce website and has seen a significant increase in new customers.


Before & after

See how we upscaled Moyo’s website and made it more user friendly for their clientele. The new website works beautifully across all devices and incorporates SEO into its design – a crucial part of any website.



Website Timeline

Week 1-2

  • Quick Fixes
  • Google Maps Results

Week 3-5

Redesigned the website

Week 6

Website went live

Week 7

Optimised every page for SEO

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Before & After

We also implemented an aggressive external SEO strategy that saw Moyo leap up the Google rankings for keywords such as “Aveda salon in Ireland” and “Sustainable salon in Dublin”. Now, Moyo holds their top spot and continues to be found by more and more users.

Where they ranked before we started

  • #1

    Sustainable salon in Dublin - 1
  • #1

    Eco friendly salon in Dublin - 1
  • #2

    Hair salon in Ireland - 2
  • #4

    Hairdressers in Dublin - 4
  • #6

    Aveda salon in Ireland - 6
  • #7

    Aveda salon in Dublin - 7
  • #11

    Hair salon Dublin - 11
  • #12

    Aveda products in Dublin - 12

Where they ranked after

  • #3

    Best Hair salon in Dublin
  • #3

    Hair salon in Dublin
  • #3

    Hairdresser in Dublin
  • #4

    Hairdressers in Dublin
  • #1

    Sustainable salon in Dublin
  • #1

    Vegan Aveda hair products Dublin
  • #1

    Aveda products in Ireland
  • #1

    Where to buy Aveda products in Dublin?

How did we do it?

After learning what keywords Moyo needed to be found for, we kicked off our SEO strategy to get them up the Google rankings in Dublin, starting by optimising the whole website with those keywords. We also wrote useful blog articles filled with strong keywords about what Moyo offers.

Month 1

Created a marketing plan for SEO & social media

Month 2

Started seeing an increase in ranking for major keywords (“hair salon in Dublin” & “hairdresser in Dublin”)

Month 3

Jumped 15-20 places for both target keywords into top 15 results

Month 5

Jumped up to top 3-5 on Google ranking for both “hair salon in Dublin” and “hairdresser in Dublin”

Month 6

Ranking top 3 for both keywords, so we started focusing on the other keywords

Social Media

Before & After

Moyo’s social media existed but as they say, to exist is not to live. So, we breathed some life into their feed and saw tremendous results. Now that regular and planned posting has worked its magic we will continue to step up their social media presence.



Our Social Media Process

A goal without a plan is just a wish, so we got to work on Moyo’s social media strategy to ensure online success. Within 3 months we not only planned 6 months of content, we increased their engagement and following by bringing our shared vision to life and sticking to a consistent, informed approach.

Step 1

We got to know Moyo and their team

Step 2

We brought our shared vision to life by creating a content plan for social media

Step 3

Planned our social content for the next 6 months

Step 4

Monthly reports to ensure we’re always improving.

Photograhy & Videography

Graphics are everything especially in this industry so we made sure Moyo’s content not only talked the talk, it smashed the catwalk. We arranged high-end photography and videography for Moyo’s website and social media so that they could represent their brand proudly.

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