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Is Doing SEO Better Than Google Ads?

Is doing seo better than google ads -MM

You want a quick solution, and Google Ads seems like a good place to start. We get it. But what Google Ads is not, is a long-term solution. 

In our experience, nine times out of ten, SEO is the most cost-effective way to bring in new business. When done correctly, it also has a much higher return on investment than Google Ads. 

When considering SEO vs Google Ads, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying Google Ads is no good. We’re saying it has a time and a place like all paid marketing strategies. SEO however, performs 24/7 and is a must for any business looking to appear first on Google search and be chosen by their customers. 

The Pros And Cons Of SEO vs Google Ads

Like many business owners, patience is not our virtue but like many things, the good things take time. Google Ads is best used when you need a quick win. 

It doesn’t require any patience and you will see results fast. However, the more results you wish to get from Google Ads, the more you have to pay. Google Ads is like a hungry bear that never hibernates. You need to feed it (or in your case, pay for it) consistently for it not to bite you in the butt.

The great thing about Google ads is that everything is measurable. There are hundreds of metrics available to you on how your money is being spent and what it is achieving. 

The downside? Google Ads is a competitive tactic and so the more exposure you need, the more you will need to battle it out with other businesses and the more it costs. 

When Should You Do Google Ads?

When contemplating between SEO vs Google Ads, Google Ads is a weapon best used when you are launching a new business and want to raise awareness fast or if you want to push a new product or service. 

For anything else, SEO is your best option. A bear that is more inclined towards a steady and positive temperament. 

If you’re all for Google Ads then make sure you work with a team that will send you reports so you know that the ads are set up correctly and are working well.

You need to ensure that the team is showing you the reports and tracking how many actual conversions you are getting from the Google Ads. 

You may be tempted to go it alone but we don’t advise this gambling strategy with your hard-earned cash. More often than not when we ask our clients how their Google Ads are doing when we begin working with them, they have no idea.

Don’t be mistaken; spending money on Google Ads does not mean they are working. 

Is seo better than google ads?

Have you ever searched for car insurance on Google and next thing you know lots of half relevant sites come up claiming that there’s nowhere cheaper? It can bring on a sense of dread and confusion so we scroll straight past the noise (ads) down to where the naturally top ranking businesses are.


Those businesses that we trust, that don’t have a big “ad” sign beside them are thanks to SEO. Often businesses in the ad section are not thought of as reputable as they are paying for their position. This is not always true but how do web users know that?

Check out the SEO case study of Tempo Music School, a client of ours we saw rise to the top spot for their targeted keywords such as ‘baby beats Drumcondra in dublin’, ‘bodhran classes in dublin’, ‘tenor banjo lessons in dublin’ and more in just a few months of implementing our advanced SEO strategies.

SEO is also a brilliant investment. You pay upfront and years later you are still seeing the benefit whereas you must pay for every click of your Google Ad no matter how long it has been running. This is a much more expensive strategy for the medium-long term. 

When toying between SEO vs Google Ads, remember; investing in SEO brings a much higher return continuously while you’re ranking high and your position is maintained. Doing SEO also means doing more blogs or FAQs, which gives more value to the visitors to your website. This helps convert them into paying customers. 

Mamma Marketing started with a couple of Irish lads on a mission to help Irish businesses thrive online. We offer cost-effective SEO and marketing services that won’t cost you the earth, while hugely improving your online presence. 

We are well versed in Google Ads if you need them but first, let’s look at your SEO. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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