SEO for Small Businesses

SEO is the most successful and rewarding marketing strategy you can implement. Why? Because everyone searches on google for what they need, and since no one is doing it right, it doesn’t take long for you to rank in the top 3 on Google!

There are three SEO tasks that your business needs to start generating more new customers every week:

2 once-off tasks:

  • Front end and back end
  • SEO Basic SEO


10-20 hours in the first two weeks to complete both of these tasks

1 monthly task:

Content creation for Organic SEO (Blogs & FAQs)


10- 25 hours, depending on how many new blogs and faqs you want to add each month

What We Recommend

1. Rank in the top 3 on Google

Rank in the top 3 on Google for what your business does (aka target keywords you should be found for online before competitors).

Our recommendation is 4-8 new blogs and 8-16 new FAQs per month – the more you do each month the quicker you get to the top 3 results on Google for target keywords.

2. Stay at the top

Once you rank at the top of Google, it’s only a matter of maintaining your top 3 ranking positions.

Once ranking in the top 3 and you’re getting a consistent amount of new leads every week, we recommend decreasing the amount of blogs to just 2 per month, as well as the number of FAQs. This means that even less hours of work will be required and you will already be getting more new customers every month, consistently.

Why risk hiring a full time employee to do your SEO?

If you haven’t got people that know SEO inside out and can successfully qualify, interview, hire and train a full time SEO specialist, why not hire a marketing team who can take care of all your marketing needs?

Click below to see the benefits of hiring a marketing team vs hiring a full time employee:

Our Team

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SEO Success Stories

Here are some examples of businesses that were ranking in the 2nd and 3rd page of Google before we started working with them and now are ranking in the top 3 results for many of their target keywords and are consistently getting new customers every month as a result.

Website, SEO


Gastro Pub, Dublin, Co.



Hair salon, Co. Dublin


Relaxing Therapies

Health and Beauty, Co. Dublin

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