Lorraine Fletcher

A niche artist with a loyal client base, ready to attract new customers and connect to a thriving online art community.

Website case

Crisp & Clean Design

Lorraine’s website has been professionally redesigned to showcase the artist’s work in its best light while simplifying the experience for customers and stockists interested in her work. The new website portrays Lorrain Fletcher’s brand alongside a new e-commerce platform designed to improve conversion rates and consistently increase sales. The “my account” portal was set up to handle bulk orders and invoices for businesses (stockists) automated through the website so Lorraine spends less time on manual tasks and more time doing what she loves.

Overall problems they were facing before working with us

  • 1.

    Outdated website with a basic design that failed to attract visitors
  • 2.

    A finite marketplace with limited ability to attract commissions and sell products
  • 3.

    Lost in search results without proper SEO guidance - hindering potential client reach

Optimised Website Visibility

The tried and true SEO practices applied to Lorraine’s new website have boosted visibility in Google’s search results for wildlife art, pet portraits and other niche key phrases and keywords related to her artwork and services. A specialty like Lorraine’s art doesn’t have too much competition, so she’ll enjoy ranking in the top three for quite a while. Even when competition is thick, these services help any brand stand above the competition.


Sept 2019

Stage One Started

Sept 2019

Week 1-2 Quick fixes (GMB, SSL)

Sept 2019

Week 2-3 Basic SEO

Oct 2019

Week 4-7 Website Design

Nov 2019

Beginning of Stage Two


  • 1.

    A crisp, clean, and beautifully redesigned website to properly showcase her work
  • 2.

    New B2B account portal where customers can sign in and buy Lorraine’s products in bulk
  • 3.

    New E-commerce portal with optimised SEO to sell her paintings alongside other products

Next Steps

  • 1.

    Email marketing
  • 2.

    Develop a social media marketing strategy
  • 3.

    Attend online art fairs to meet stockists and private individuals from all over the world

Stage Three

Moyo Hair and Beauty

This Dublin salon followed the stages and increased the amount of new customers by 20% after only six months.

Stage Two

Icon Fasteners

A business that relies heavily on new customers coming from online needed a full service team to help with all of the important elements to their online presence.

Stage Two


It was a must for Brendan to adapt his business to online where his millennium audience spends most of their time