Carolyne wanted a beautifully designed website that portrayed her flower shop but was not aware that SEO was the service that would generate more revenue for her business. 

Website case

A complete package to ensure the highest return

Carolyne’s new romantic themed website wasn’t the only thing her business needed. It was crucial to have other marketing strategies in place to support the website so that it could be found on Google search results when people searched for keywords like “flower bouquets in Tipperary”. We offered Carolyne a package with all the essential services that she needed to make a return from this investment by generating more new customers from online.

Overall problems they were facing before working with us

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    Carolyne was looking for a new website that included an e-commerce shop page but didn’t know it was not enough. A package of services was necessary to make sure the website was found as well as having a nice design
  • 2.

    No help with managing the social media and the owner had little knowledge about how to do it alone

A simple process to help Carolyne with social media

We educated Carolyne on the important things to post on social media as well as good hashtags she should be targeting on the posts. The research we did helped increase reach and engagement on Mrs Blooms’ social media accounts. We will continue to support and educate Carolyne on how to improve her social media presence going forward.


Sept 2019

Stage One Started

Sept 2019

Week 1-2 Quick fixes (GMB, SSL)

Sept 2019

Week 2-3 Basic SEO

Oct 2019

Week 4-7 Website Design

Nov 2019

Beginning of Stage Two


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    We make sure that all websites are fully optimised for SEO so that when a client gets a website done they are also improving their visibility online, helping them being found quicker
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    We helped improve Mrs Blooms’ social media reach and engagement by researching the best hashtags that Carolyne should be targeting.

Next Steps

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    We will continue to update and educate them about social media and different things they can do to improve their strategy moving forward