O Brother Brewing

A fast-growing small craft brewing outfit with a unique connection to the local art scene and beer culture. Branching out to the online community means their reputation is on the rise.

Website case

Portraying the brand the way it deserves

The three brothers were unhappy with their previous website as it didn’t truly represent their brand. The new website we designed for them properly portrays their distinctive brand and shows people what they care about – giving visitors the full experience, displaying the artists’ work, their partnerships, events and other unique aspects that portray the brand.

Overall problems they were facing before working with us

  • 1.

    No content strategy for social media to engage with their customers
  • 2.

    Outdated website with a dull design that didn’t properly represent the brand
  • 3.

    Not being found in Google for keywords that would increase business

Raising awareness through Irish and foreign partnerships

We’re helping O Brother Brewing achieve one of their biggest goals: raise brand awareness by engaging with their community through social media and attracting new partners from all across the globe. OBB is actively engaging with customers, businesses and artists across Ireland and now in parts of Europe, too. Everything documented on social media helps raise awareness about this new Irish beer brand while building strong partnerships with potential collaborators, creatives, and customers.


Sept 2019

Stage One Started

Sept 2019

Week 1-2 Quick fixes (GMB, SSL)

Sept 2019

Week 2-3 Basic SEO

Oct 2019

Week 4-7 Website Design

Nov 2019

Beginning of Stage Two


  • 1.

    Developed a social media strategy to engage with customers, local businesses and artists across Leinster
  • 2.

    A brand new user-friendly website design that’s inviting and appealing to visitors, bringing them into the fold
  • 3.

    Increased visibility on Google by targeting keywords searched by businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) alike.

Next Steps

  • 1.

    Promote new 2021-22 campaign through social media and advanced SEO
  • 2.

    Keep the website abuzz with brand updates and promotions
  • 3.

    A joint effort between our team and the 3 brothers of OBB to consistently develop innovative market strategies and grow from a domestic brand to an international one.