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Our process for social media management for small businesses

We’ve met hundreds of small business owners over the years and have noticed that there are two types when it comes to social media. Those who embrace it and realise its value and those who don’t. When you embrace social media, your intentions are pure but you don’t necessarily have the time it takes to use it correctly yourself, and when you refuse to acknowledge its existence, you stifle your businesses earning potential altogether. Social Media Management for small businesses can seem like a headache whether you do or don’t use it but is that really a surprise? It’s quite a time consuming task and you’re already handling a mountain of day to day tasks.

Some small business owners think that posting every now and again does the trick but in fact, they are missing one. Others have a unique social media set-up that works for them. Most commonly we meet employees who have taken on the role of social media manager and have generated an acceptable social media presence. The down side of this is not knowing whether their efforts are translating to results for your business, or if that staff member decides to leave, it can be tough to start up again and keep the same feel to your brand. 

Having someone within your business making an effort on social media is a perfect scenario for our team to transform your social media presence.

We would work alongside your employee and teach them what we’re about to go through now, our social media process. This also ensures that we have the ability to continue your social media activity should there ever be a changeover in staff. 

When we meet business owners who refuse to get onboard the social media train, we see it as a way to prove how well our social media process works and why every small business should be on social media. Investing in marketing and your social media presence should never be viewed as an expense but as a way to earn money. Social media management services done correctly have the power to bring your business to the next level, to increase your customers  and create positive change in your revenue that will last.

So, let’s get down to business. 


Step one, we get to know you and your business. We work with you and go through a questionnaire so that our social media team can embody your brand. We also do thorough market research to learn more about your customer base and the worthy competitors we need to keep tabs on, and see what’s working for them on social media, and what’s not.

Step two is where we bring our shared vision to life and work on media strategy development by creating a content plan for your business. This forms the foundation of all that we will create for you going forward. We will always send you the first posts and content plan for review so that we can work together and agree on the strategy. 

Step three is all about good planning. Our creative team works their magic and sends you the social media plan 3 weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to send us your feedback, suggestions and approval.

Step four will ensure that we are getting better and better as time goes on. We will send you monthly reports on our progress so you can see the real value our social media management services add to your business. 

After the 4th step we then move into the long-term tasks that conclude our social media process; ongoing improvements and ongoing communication. For us to work well together and deliver long-term results it is vital that we stay on the same page. In addition to the report each month and our recommendations we make sure to check-in with your team to see if there is anything that needs to be promoted. We also welcome any feedback and suggestions so that our team can develop the best content for your business. 

To ensure ongoing communication we create a WhatsApp chat for your team and ours so that we can stay in touch, send images, suggest a post, ask questions and receive any feedback. We want you to know that our lines of communication are always open, these steps help both parties maintain a strong and beneficial working relationship. 

Social media implementation can seem daunting when going it alone and that’s why we pride ourselves on our unique and honest approach. We understand that small businesses often have less time and less of a budget than larger companies, so we make sure to always provide our clients with value for money. Our competitively priced social media services are carried out by a full team of designers, content writers, social media specialists and video editors. 

Need to know more? See how our client, Moyo, a hair salon in Dublin saw their social media perform like never before during COVID. This strategy not only brought old customers back to them, it also generated new customers who will now be life-long clients. This wasn’t just because they had a social media account, it’s because they had a process in place and a strategy for growth. If they didn’t have social media these customers may never have returned to them, or found them.

Need some guidance on where to start?

Our team is here to answer any questions to get your online presence working for you!

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