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More people make their buying decisions online rather than asking around or visiting the business to inspect it. When a potential customer is online making a buying decision, (s)he scans through either or all of the following: reviews, social media and website. On these platforms, your business must be portrayed in the best possible way. It should be consistent, relevant and engaging.

Reviews must be responded to in the right manner, even if it’s just something like “thanks for your review, we hope to see you again soon! :)” This is good for a business because its competitors often do not reply to reviews; it shows your business cares about its customers, is active online and inevitably builds trust with the potential customer.

When it comes to developing the voice of a brand within an industry There is no one-size-fits-all approach. There is, however, a certain standard that has to be maintained for the relevant business or industry.

The type of business and industry determines what businesses need this service. At a basic level, a business improves customer loyalty, traffic and engagement online. These businesses only need a steady flow of good reviews and a few social media posts. When a potential customer researches the business online, they see what they need to see to back up their decision by means of relevant posts, good photos, other clients’ reviews and activity on the social newsfeeds. Established bars, cafés, dentists, doctors, tour guide companies are examples of such businesses.

However, for businesses that need to have a very active and engaging social voice on social media, a different level of attention is required. A business needs an active voice when its customers are judging the quality of its social media feeds and reviews as a prerequisite to making a purchasing decision. In the case of hair salons, beauty products, clothing brands, new bars, new restaurants, new cafes and other businesses, customers will make their decisions online without needing to enquire about the service. Such businesses need a comparatively higher level of social and reputation management.

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