Sales - USA

Full time - Entry Level - Remote

Madrid Based (to begin) Sales Executive for US Market + Marketing Agency + Uncapped Generous Commissions, Remote & more

About the job

Our goal is to make sure our salespeople are equipped with everything they need for sales to be easier and more successful when working in our fast paced environment. Salespeople have the tools, coaching, videos of past consultations and data in reports showing the results of what we promise really works for our clients.

We offer higher commissions than the majority of other companies. 

The prices we charge for services are very competitive, about half of what other US companies offer.

We provide all the proof of what we do for businesses really works, by showing the results and data of what we’ve done for our clients. 

You’ll be equipped with past reports we send clients every month or two, which show the real results of what we do does indeed translate to these businesses generating more revenue from having a strong online presence.

What about the leads?!

We have several methods for providing you with the contact details of businesses that are looking for help with marketing, so that you are spending your time efficiently by speaking with business owners and managers who are ready to hire a marketing team.

Benefits of working with Mamma:

  • Uncapped commissions
  • Higher than normal rates for commissions
  • Work remotely 
  • Continuous learning opportunities 
  • Spotify subscription after 3 months 
  • One week holiday to specific cities with flights and accommodation paid for (after 6 months, if sales targets are met)
  • Netflix subscription after 6 months 
  • Broadband paid for after 9 months 
  • Opportunity to become sales team leader (from month 6)

Interested so far?

The salespeople we are looking for must have the below:

  • A minimum of two years doing sales.
  • A persistent, resilient, coachable person with an excellent work ethic.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A problem solver, quick thinker and a quick learner.
  • Experience in marketing is a plus but at the very least, understand how marketing can generate more revenue for small businesses. (We make it very easy to understand the steps needed to have a strong online presence so if you’re a quick learner, you’ll be fine).
  • A confident and determined mindset.
  • A high level of drive and self-motivation.
  • The ability to grow in a competitive environment.
  • The capacity to cope with rejection.
  • IT & numeracy skills.

For you to understand a bit about what you’ll be selling, here’s a very short story:

Nowadays every business needs marketing, and mamma marketing makes it easy for business owners to understand the steps they need to take to have a strong online presence.

Our salespeople find it easy to explain these steps, following our three step formula to having a strong online presence, work and prove results for their business.

The first step for a business is to be found, then it’s to be chosen. 

Being found requires the business to be found when someone looks on google for what their business offers, this is called SEO. 

Being chosen depends on the quality of their website, reviews and images. We cover the basics of this in stage one.

Stage two consists of two monthly services that generate more revenue. These are advanced SEO and social media marketing.

Stage three is advertising and direct marketing strategies. We don’t implement stage two or stage three until stage one (basics) are done properly.

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We’re looking for great people to join our growing team.