Monthly services

SEO & visibility

SEO is the process of seeking to maximise a business’s level of visibility when a potential customer is searching online

Data analytics and tracking

data analytics

Our team of web developers analyse the daily interactions of users on a client’s website.

Social Management

Social manag

When a potential customer is online making their “buying decision”, they will scan through either or all of the following, reviews, social media and website.

Review Management

Review manag

More people make their buying decisions online rather than asking around or visiting the business to inspect it.

website maintenance

website maint

Our website developer mammas are always there to change anything that’s too “techy” for a business owner, manager or employee to do.



Our Mammas educate all willing businesses who want to gain an insight into what’s working online for their local industry and competition, showing them what their competition and industry leaders are doing.



Our Mammas educate all willing businesses who want to gain an insight into what’s working online for their local industry and competition

once-off services

website design & build


Our team of web developers and graphic designers carry out the website design and build with complete efficiency and professionalism. We never miss a deadline and we don’t stop developing the site after it’s been built and made live.

on-page seo


The entire site (every page has keywords, optimized photos, meta tags, descriptions, etc) must be done properly by using the best SEO practices, which sometimes change slightly due to Google and other search engine algorithm updates.

social accounts set-up

social setup

Social Media accounts for normal users are one thing, the business accounts have a lot more features. Each business must set up accounts on all relevant platforms and then upload only good quality photos.

logo re-design

logo redesgin

We try to keep the logo design and re-design processes very simple. We first understand the brand, their why they do what they do and how they do it. A few other details such as preferred colours, elements or other requests are taken into consideration by our team.



We’re big believers in videos for most businesses. What business owner, manager, employee and loyal customer doesn’t want to see a cool video created about the business.

visibility set-up

visibility setup

Business listings need to be synchronised across all data providers, search engines and other relevant sites that your website may (or may not) be found on.