Remote social media manager needed for internal marketing campaigns & projects

This long-term opportunity is for a social media manager who wants responsibility, to play a big role in the social media department and to work remotely with a growing international team.

You’ll be working with our team on developing our internal marketing projects. These will be targeting various types of small businesses.

Mamma Marketing is a full-service team helping small businesses grow online. We do everything for them, from websites and SEO to social media and several marketing strategies performed on behalf of the business.

We truly believe in giving a high quality service to small businesses at a very affordable price. We help them achieve their goals and a high return on their investment from what we do for them. is our website

About the role

The most important thing to us is the team, so we are hoping to find someone who can be a part of our strong team for the long term. There is a lot of room to grow within our fast growing organisation.

We have a fantastic team, all with a brilliant attitude and a love for what they do. You will hopefully learn a lot from us, and we’ll learn from you!

We implement the same new age marketing strategies that are used by the biggest companies and best marketing agencies around the world.

You’ll be working with  different marketing projects. Mamma marketing has began specialising in working with hairdressers, restaurants, bars and wellness related businesses. You’ll be focused on developing the social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and other related platforms depending on the niche. 

For a sneak preview in what one of these looks like, take a look at

About our team

We’re a growing international team based all over the world.

You will be joining a high energy, motivated team with a great work ethic. We offer our clients a full range of services because of our team members specialising in what they’re great at. From writers, marketers, developers, designers, managers, video editors, all rounders and more!

About the role

As a social media manager, you’ll have several teams to work with and bounce ideas off. Primarily the writers, video editors, seo team, management and marketing team.

The initial onboarding period lasts 1-2 weeks and then you’ll be ready to work on certain projects while taking a few hours each week to learn and further develop your knowledge about the strategies we’re using, or will be using.

Our goal is to give you the autonomy of carrying out projects by yourself, and with your team, with the guidance of others to help, give critique and suggestions.

Social media is always changing, so new ideas while staying on top of trends, while taking advantage of them, is vital for the role of a social media manager.

And some more details:

We’re looking for an energetic, creative and hardworking person to join our team. Having lots of experience and/or leadership qualities is a huge plus.

The role involves creating, developing and managing marketing campaigns targeted at business owners, managers and their staff of the industries we are targeting, in several countries. 

We have a full service team of designers, marketers, developers, video editors, salespeople and more to work with on developing each campaign and project.

Here is some of the types of the tasks you’ll be carrying out:

Creating and developing social media campaigns
Content strategy and planning
Creating, developing and managing social media advertising campaigns
Creating an outline for the schedule of posts for each project you’ll be working on
Creating, developing and managing community interaction strategies for the different projects
We don’t expect you to create videos, just help with ideas, brainstorming and critique. It’s very fun to see the video plan you had turned into a professionally, creatively made video
Reporting on campaign results (marketing and advertising campaigns)
Reporting on performance per account / project (based on KPIs that are defined together with other senior members of the team)
And some others

You’ll be involved in a lot of brainstorming with our sales and marketing team on how we can improve marketing campaigns based on open rates, click-through rates and other tracking tools we use to analyse the results of ongoing campaigns.

You’ll be actively researching evolving trends in the most prominent social media platforms, analysing industry leaders, campaign results, new ways in personalising campaigns, improving reports, proposals and much, much more. 

We are working on a variety of different projects so you won’t be only working on one industry, you’ll be learning about several different industries.

We’re continuously brainstorming and coming up with sales and marketing ideas for various projects, internal and for clients. We always encourage creativity and new ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem at the start.

Communication & Organisation within Mamma

We communicate during the day using slack, video and phone calls.

We do a lot of one on one calls between team members, and we are getting more consistent with zoom meetings between the teams. As an experienced social media manager, you will become more comfortable in leading the meetings we have, or parts of the meetings, that are about social media for various projects.

We have an organised and efficient system yet we’re flexible and open to new ideas. We’re always developing our system of how we work, manage projects and carry out tasks, with the goal of working together more effectively while having fun with what we do.

Our team is always sharing what works and what doesn’t, we encourage learning from our own or other people’s mistakes.

Responsibilities and Requirements of Successful Applicants:

The successful applicant will have a love for writing, experience, be an excellent communicator, an A1 attitude and a team player. Being a leader is a huge plus.

Our team has been part of this organisation for a long time. We are not just a marketing company. We are all self motivated, hard working, friendly and well rounded.

Mamma Marketing is the root of the Mamma. (we’re not just a marketing company, everything starts with marketing and it’s the reason we are focusing on marketing first. Our goal is to help as many people as possible through the power of the internet. You’ll see.

The Mamma mission is to share as much quality, useful information as possible, especially in niche areas that really help people who need it the most.

Sounds good to you?

To apply for this role, please take the first step and fill out the short fill out form here at this link below

Take Care!
Rory from Mamma Marketing

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