Stage Two

Plan, Strategise, & Develop

Once we’re satisfied that your online presence surpasses stage one requirements we move on to stage two. This phase focuses on the two most important elements of any online marketing plan; SEO & Social Media. Our expert team guides you through every step, ensuring that everything is working as it should. We also send you monthly reports outlining what we’ve done, the results and the return!


Every week

Results proven

Reports every month

Step 1


We work alongside you and your team to plan a 6-month social & SEO strategy that gets results. This planning phase is vital to ensure that we get the most out of your investment, future-proofing the online presence of your business.

Step 2

Social Media

Google is where customers find you but social media is where they talk about you, share their experiences and recommend you to their friends. We create a content plan that builds brand power and recognition within the social community, allowing customers to get to know the real you.

Step 3


We’ve covered the SEO basics in stage one. Stage two is where we step it up a gear or two. Using our tried and trusted SEO plan, tailored to your business, we get your name in the top 3 of Google search for your target audience using well-researched keywords. This means a consistent flow of more customers and more revenue.

Step 4

Witness results,
every month

With seo being done properly, we show you where you rank this month compared to last month for the keywords we’re targeting. The results will be evident in your revenue, but we back it up by showing exactly how many more people found you online each month. And it increases. Social media results are easy to track too. We show you the increase in followers, engagement and more in our social report.

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SEO is the number one marketing strategy in terms of the return on investment, that’s why its ongoing. Once you see the impact, you won’t stop. Social media is an ongoing cost too. We make sure we provide an ROI, which is visible in the monthly reports.

Monthly costs start from:

€300 per month

Add Ons

We offer a range of add ons that work well with what’s involved in the advertising and marketing strategies we apply in stage two.