Stage Two

Plan, Strategise, Develop & Take No Prisoners

Stage two is where your online performance outshines that of your competitors and makes sure you’re the name on everyone’s lips when talking about your service. This takes planning ahead and consistency – two things we know how to do!

5-12 Weeks

Results within
2-6 Weeks

Step 1


Less haste, more speed. Now that the basics have been optimised it’s time to take a moment and plan your marketing strategy. We have a tried and tested planning process, guaranteed to get the most out of your investment and strengthen your business’s online presence. With a team of experts at your disposal, we work together with you, leaving no stone unturned.

Step 2

Social Media

A great business presents a united front across all channels and this is especially true of social media. Create great brand awareness and increase your customer base with intelligent and personalised content. Google may be where customers find you but social media is where they decide if they will stay or not. We create a content plan that will ensure your customers are with you for the long haul.

Step 3


We’ve already done the hard work in stage one and got your SEO up and running, now it’s time to reap the rewards with a long term SEO strategy. This is where we get your website in the top 3 of Google search results for all relevant searches and show the world that you mean business. It’s what Mamma does best.

Step 4

Witness results,
every month

With seo being done properly, we show you where you rank this month compared to last month for the keywords we’re targeting. The results will be evident in your revenue, but we back it up by showing exactly how many more people found you online each month. And it increases. Social media results are easy to track too. We show you the increase in followers, engagement and more in our social report.

See how some of our clients are doing

We work with all types of small businesses

Stage Two

O Brother Brewing, Wicklow

O Brother Brewing A fast-growing small craft brewing outfit with a unique connection to the local art scene and beer

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Stage Two

Solo Arte Case, Waterford

Solo Arte Brick-and-mortar generation business owners with no knowledge of marketing forced to adapt quickly to a new

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Stage Two

Genevieve Ryan, Galway

Genevieve Ryan Rising to the occasion. A successful dance studio responding to a need to reach their online potential.

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SEO is the number one marketing strategy in terms of the return on investment, that’s why its ongoing. Once you see the impact, you won’t stop. Social media is an ongoing cost too. We make sure we provide an ROI, which is visible in the monthly reports.

Monthly costs start from:

€300 per month

Add Ons

We offer a range of add ons that work well with what’s involved in the advertising and marketing strategies we apply in stage two.