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Building Trust and Transparency

Why this is important?

People spend a lot of time on the internet so it’s no surprise that they’re making decisions and buying online too. In a matter of seconds, consumers can find anything on Google, locally or nationwide. They could search for a local business such as a hair salon, Italian restaurant, creche or school or they may look nationwide for something like “sustainable clothes in Ireland.”

It is no longer necessary for people to ask friends for advice and recommendations as they have a world of opinion at their fingertips where they can search Google, read reviews, and check websites and social media. Consumers can now make up their minds about you without ever stepping foot inside your business so it is vital that you’re putting your best one forward.

With that in mind, over 85% of people don’t even go past the first page on Google search when looking for a product or service, so it is crucial to be found at the top or you will never be chosen, fact.

Furthermore, if your business is ranked in the top three to five search results, it has a direct impact on obtaining new customers and revenue.

How SEO Works

Implementing the best SEO practices from the get-go will ensure longevity and strength throughout your SEO strategy and other marketing endeavours. It is vital that the keywords and branding that represent your business are weaved throughout your web design, blog posts and content as this will create a story that Google wants to tell. Consistency and attention to detail in this area will see your business rank in the top 3 of Google search for both local and national results.

How do we do it?

Over the years we have perfected our SEO formula and getting businesses to the top of Google search by conducting extensive research for each of our clients and keeping up with the latest SEO updates and changes to Google’s algorithm. We have divided our process into the following five steps.

Free Competitor Report

We deliver a free competitor report to you, detailing who your key competition is online and what they’re doing to rank highly in Google search results.

Sharing our Report

We’ll then share our insight report which outlines exactly what your business has to do to compete alongside your competitors on Google search and come out on top.

Website & SEO

The two factors that influence your business ranking the most, that every business should have, are a website built using SEO best practices and regular blog posts that include relevant keywords for your business. Our team of experts analyse this side of your marketing strategy and if it’s non-existent, we make it happen.

Monthly Reports

We prove our results with monthly reports, where we show you how many positions your business is moving up the Google search ranking for various keywords that we’re targeting.

Harnessing Results

Organically ranking in the top 3-5 on Google search will increase new customer volume & revenue.

What we offer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Three months of SEO work with 4-6 blog posts, optimised with target keywords. On-page SEO of your website and off-page SEO on 30 different platforms – using strong and relevant keywords for your business.

Once Found, Always Chosen

When someone searches online, being found is only the first step. You then have just a few seconds to build trust and create a positive image of your brand, so that consumers choose you. A customer will scrutinize your Google photos and reviews, your social media platforms and website before making their decision. This is why it is vital that your message is consistent throughout all of your marketing channels, as it’s impossible to tell how a customer will come across you first. All of your fronts must be united, for you to be chosen.

High Online Visibility + Converting Presence + Strong Online Presence

High visibility combined with a strong brand image equals more customers. It’s simple.
Some businesses opt to pay for Google Adwords to increase visibility but in the long run, this approach becomes very expensive. We always recommend achieving strong, organic SEO which takes between 4-6 months. This may seem like a big wait but once achieved, its quality outranks paid advertising and it lasts a long time without requiring consistent investment.

Try it for yourself! Search for a product or service you are interested in on Google and note the organic search results that appear on the first page. You have found what you are looking for right? No need to go any further than page one – so that’s exactly where you need to be.

Allow us to share our expertise with you. Fill out the quick form below and include two competitors that you’d like us to analyse. We’ll send you a report within 48 hours with insights on how those businesses are performing so well on Google search and what your business must do to compete alongside them online.

Have any questions? Just get in touch and we’ll happily provide a free consultation.

Our stage two packages

Website Tier 1

If you’re looking for something that gets the job done well on a budget then our tier one package is for you. We customise & optimise your website to make sure it conveys your brand message.



Website Tier 2

Do you mean business? Want your website to outperform everyone else? Our fully customised Tier 2 package pulls out all the stops. Customers won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Fully customised


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