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We are strong believers in the benefits of videos for businesses like a restaurant, bar, tour guide company, hair salon, healthcare and even construction companies.

The benefit of having videos of your business is that potential customers make their decision quickly about your business, maybe basing primarily on photos that do not portray the look and feel of how your business should be portrayed. A high-quality video of the whole business under a minute would solve this little problem. Other benefits for a business investing in video creation is the advantages they have for advertising and marketing strategies. Video advertising and marketing are what works today on social media, YouTube and many other platforms.

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It’s also a nice touch for a business owner, manager or employee to show the cool video created by the business to their friends, partners and family.

Video creation takes a team effort to deliver high-quality videos of a business. Our local team of mamas are a mix of videographers, photographers and designers who work online with our team of content and video editors.

The photographer/videographer visits your business and makes a small collection of high-quality videos of it that can attractively portray material such as a typical day where video and photos are taken of various aspects of the business over the course of two to three hours.

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