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What are the benefits of blogging for business

If you’re researching what to write and how to optimise your blog then chances are you’re looking to improve your site and its ranking on Google. 

Blog posts can improve your SEO immensely as they allow you to write relevant content that includes target keywords searched by your potential customers. Google decides what websites rank higher by identifying who is following their algorithm. 

Why is it important to post to a blog regularly? Actively publishing 1-2 new blog posts is what Google wants, so you’ll rank higher and higher in search results each time.

How Relevant Blog Posts Help Your Website

If you’re in the home decor business and write a blog like “5 ways to brighten a small space,” then Google will optimise your website’s performance, showing it to more people who want what you do. However, if you write a blog called “5 ways to poach an egg” for your home decor site, Google will not recognise the value and therefore, not show your site to your target audience. 

Ranking in The Top 3 of Google Search

If you’re trying to be found in the top 3 for any of the most important products or services that you offer, you need to do blog posts targeting those keywords. When Google sees that you’re targeting that keyword in, for example, 1 in every 3 blogs, they appreciate that you’re posting engaging content that is useful for the reader. Because of this, Google rewards you by placing your business higher up the rankings.

One of our clients, Moyo, a sustainable and eco-friendly salon in Dublin, had a very unique offering but they were not being found when people were searching for their kind of salon. 

To remedy this, we created a blog post that focused on keywords like “sustainable salon in Ireland,” and “organic hair salon in Ireland.” Now, because of the two blogs targeting those keywords, Moyo appears in the top 3 on Google search for those keywords in Dublin, Leinster, and Ireland. 

You can read more about the work we have done for Moyo and how they’re doing here.

How Often Should I Blog?

You can write 10 blog posts in a row, in fact setting aside time to get a few blog posts out of the way is a great timesaver. How long should a blog post be? It depends on the topic but try to get to the point fast and stay within 500 – 1,500 words. 

When it comes to posting them on your site, aim for twice per month. It’s not that you can’t post more but really if you’re going to do this yourself, it’s best to post in an efficient and consistent way. You can also schedule blog posts to go out on certain dates so you’re not always under pressure.

By regulating the time, you are also creating an expectation with your audience. People will come to anticipate the monthly blogs and it’s a great form of content for your business. You can reuse snippets of your blog post ideas on social media, and send out a monthly newsletter reminding people about the blog to get more traffic.

What’s Our Process?

At Mamma Marketing, we create a custom content plan for your business that contains all of the keywords that you need to focus on for the next 6 months. We then write and post the blogs at regular intervals, targeting those keywords. All are sent to our clients for approval before publishing. 

Most importantly, we send reports every month to share how you are ranking higher for the keywords we are targeting, so you know it’s working. Once ranking in the top 3, you won’t need the reports to know it’s working (and how powerful SEO really is).

To really strengthen your web presence, we recommend doing 1-2 blog posts per month and 2-4 FAQs (frequently asked questions on a separate page of your site). We ensure that they are all targeting the keywords you want to be found for. You will see a consistent increase in your Google ranking if the right keywords and SEO practices are implemented.  

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free consultation with us to chat about your business about how we can boost your SEO. 

As an Irish company, we know how Irish businesses need to show up on Google and the good news is that SEO is not competitive in Ireland because barely anyone is doing it (properly).

Get in touch with us today and we’ll get you on the road to SEO success.

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