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What to expect on a free zoom consultation with our team

seo consultation

Are you in need of some expert advice on how to improve your website’s Google ranking or your website itself? At Mamma Marketing we offer a 20-30 minute, free seo consultation where a member of our team will audit your website and advise you on what needs doing in order to improve the user experience, gain more visibility and traffic and get your website ranking on the first page of Google search results.

Before the call

Before our call we’ll research your business and assess its online presence as it currently stands. We’ll take a look at whether it has been properly optimised for SEO and make notes on what aspects of your website’s design and user experience could be improved on. Any questions you might have for us in advance of the call are welcome, as well as the competitors you’d like us to take a look at in preparation for our call.

You might wonder why seo audit is important? It is vital for us to know and inform you what steps we need to take next to get you on the top search engine results. 

On the call

On our seo consultation call itself our goal is to give you 20-30 minutes of valuable information on the current state of your website. We’ll let you know what is working well and what needs improvement, so by the end of the call you’ll leave with knowledge on what needs doing on your website, whether you then decide to go ahead and work with us or not.

We’ll begin by going over the notes we made during our pre-call assessment. This may be to do with your website’s SEO and Google ranking, and/or your website’s design and user experience across all devices (especially mobile). We’ll take a look at all the important one-time basics that we cover in Stage One, making sure we start from the ground up so as to not cut any corners.

Stage One

Most clients who come to us who have a website already are finding that they’re not getting enough new customers discovering their website. This comes down to not being found online when people search Google for the products and/or services your business offers, and this comes down to SEO. 

At Mamma Marketing we specialise in designing and building websites for small businesses that are fully SEO optimised from the get-go, saving our clients time and money having to seek out a separate SEO specialist at a later date. If you already have a website we’ll talk you through the process and time scale we’d work on to get your website ranking in the top three search results for the keywords relevant to your business.

In general, to cover all the essential one-time basics of Stage One takes roughly 1-6 weeks depending on what needs to be done and how quickly you respond to us during the process. During the seo consultation we’ll show you some reports of other clients who have worked with us on Stage One, giving you some examples of our work as well as an idea of the process and the results they gained from it.

Stage Two

Once we’ve covered Stage One and have a strong base on which to work from, we’ll move on to Stage Two. Stage Two covers the monthly SEO marketing that allows your website to stay ranking highly on Google search results, as well as social media marketing.

We don’t begin with these advanced marketing strategies until the basics of Stage One have been done properly and you’re happy with the results delivered. Many of our clients come to us thinking that what they need must be paid ads because their website isn’t ranking highly on Google, when in fact it’s due to their website not being properly optimised for SEO, something that we take care of in Stage One.

As with Stage One, we’ll show you monthly reports of Stage Two clients we’ve worked with in order to give you a better understanding of how the process works and the results that can be expected.

Stage Three

We don’t generally discuss Stage Three in too much detail in our first meeting since there is usually a lot to be done for Stages One and Two first. We’d only talk about Stage Three if we’re confident from our initial assessment that your website has all the basics done properly and is already ranking highly on Google search results. If that is the case, we’ll talk about what steps we can take with regards to tailored marketing campaigns to give your website’s visibility that final boost.

We’ll also tell you about the government grants available for helping small businesses with their digital presence and how we can help you with the application process to ensure you’re granted the reimbursement. 

After the call

Post call we’ll use our notes to create a proposal outlining in detail everything we discussed and what we’d recommend doing moving forward. We’ll include a breakdown of the services we suggest doing each month alongside the seo consultant price and timeline for each.

Within a few days of our call we’ll send you our proposal to take a look over and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. By this point you’ll have a good idea of exactly what we’d do, the timeline and how much it would cost, so that you’ll have everything you need to make a decision.

If you’d like us to take a look at your website and give you some free, expert seo consultation on how we’d improve it, drop us a line. We’re Mamma Marketing, it’s what we do!

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Our team is here to answer any questions to get your online presence working for you!

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