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When should you invest in advanced seo? 

When should you invest in advanced SEO

Are you a small business owner wondering if now is the time to invest in advanced SEO services for your business? In this blog post we’ll look at the benefits of doing basic and ongoing SEO for your website and when’s the right time to start.

You probably know by now that if your website is to actively bring you new customers you need to be creating regular, SEO content related to your business. But when should you start? As a marketing agency for small businesses with a load of experience in advanced SEO services under our belt, we created our own three stage process to ensure everything is done properly from start to finish and nothing is skipped along the way. 

This means we’d always recommend first making sure that the front and back end of your website has been optimised for SEO and that basic SEO has been carried out before beginning work on advanced SEO strategies.

In Stage One of our three stage process we do exactly that. After running extensive research on the best keywords to target for your business, we begin implementing them on the front and back end of your website, ensuring your website can be properly read by Google so that it comes up in search results when people search for your targeted keywords.

Check out the website we made for one of our clients, Treacy Decor, who we helped get to the top spot for keywords such as ‘frenchic lazy paint range Connacht’,’ frenchic paint brushes Connacht’ and ‘frenchic paint stockists Connacht’ in just a few months through implementing our SEO strategies. You can check out their SEO case study, here. They now enjoy a steady flow of new customers who are able to shop products via their online store.

Once Stage One is complete, we move onto Stage Two of the process. This is where things get juicy. Stage Two is about focusing on advanced SEO services that will get your website ranking high on Google, and staying there. We create a 6 month plan that ensures we get the most out of your investment, involving a mixture of SEO and social media strategies for optimal results. Ongoing SEO means an ongoing stream of new customers and steady increase in revenue.

The bottom line is there’s no time like the present when it comes to investing into SEO. However, it’s essential that your basic SEO is done properly before moving on to advanced SEO strategies in order for them to have the best effect. 

From then on, the more quality content you include on your website considered of interest to your visitors, the more brownie points you’ll earn with Google and you’ll be rewarded by moving up the search rankings.

Whoever you choose to work with, it’s important to keep track of your SEO progress and know how much return you’re gaining on your investment. That’s why at Mamma Marketing we always send all our clients monthly reports showing them exactly what we’ve been doing and what we plan to do next as part of all of our seo packages for small businesses. We keep track of the progress and keep you in the loop so you can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that we’re taking care of everything to do with your website and online marketing.

Take a look at another of our client’s SEO case studies, an Irish construction company who in just a few months of implementing our advanced SEO strategies went from ranking below 20th to the top three for their targeted keywords such as ‘Renovations builder Wicklow’, ‘Renovations contractor Wicklow’ & ‘Extensions builder Wicklow’.

Looking for a local SEO agency who offer affordable SEO services for small businesses? Look no further! At Mamma Marketing our team of local SEO experts know all the best practices for helping small businesses to succeed online. 

Get in touch to talk about what we can do to widen your website’s online reach and improve your business’s online presence overall.

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