July 18, 2019 Emma

Why consistent posting on social media is important

Everyday restaurants around the world put up their specials for the day. How many people know about those specials? I went to small university, there were two bars me and friends would go to and it was always 50/50 on which one we would go to. My senior year one of the bars started a twitter account and every Friday afternoon they would post their deals for that night. It swayed our decision on which bar to go to immensely. Social media is a vital tool to reach out to hundreds of potential customers. It is a way for you to stick in the minds of customers who haven’t been to your place in a while.

icons of facebook and twitter

Different platforms can help your business succeed in different ways. Instagram is a great way for a restaurant to show off your products and videos. Instagram can portray the business through nice and organized photos so that when a user is scrolling through your Instagram page, it has a nice feel to it. It is excellent for reaching a younger demographic.

mobile phone on a notebook

Facebook is another great place to post quality pictures and videos. It is also an excellent platform to receive feedback from customers. Showcase good reviews on your page. It is helpful for reaching older cliental that might only use Facebook but they tend to be on Facebook frequently. A well run page that posts frequently can bring in customers that might have otherwise stayed at home.

twitter on tablet

Twitter is awesome if you use is right. It’s a great way of getting a quick message out. Whether its deals or announcing a new patio section, twitter can keep you in touch with your customers. It’s great for reaching people in their 20s. Social media is great for referrals, if a friend asks for a recommendation restaurant that does a certain kind of food or can cater for a certain type of group or event. By posting regularly on social media it can result in being one of the restaurants someone will refer first. That is if that person thinks your restaurant’s content is interesting, relevant, engaging and not afraid to have a bit of fun.