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Why ranking high on google is important

Do you want your business to show up first on Google search and get buy-in from your consumers? Yes? Then you need to rank, not on the first page of Google, but in the top 3-5 search results for your industry. 

In fact, 36.4% of web traffic is taken by higher-ranked websites before lower-ranking sites are even seen. How do you rank highly? Using SEO of course. 

Want to know more about SEO and the basics you need to put in place? Read our blog; What are the basics of SEO for a small business to find out more.

Ranking first means your business is visible on Google. It also gives your brand more integrity, creating a sense of trust amongst consumers. We know by now that the internet is not going anywhere right? So, these days it makes sense that ranking in the top 3 of Google search tells consumers that you’re the best of the best. 

It’s a trusted platform so, in turn, your business will be too.

The Benefits Of Ranking High On Google

Once you get your website in the top percentile your business will be chosen. This also means that more users will convert to customers. If you have a well-designed website that delivers a great user experience then there is no stopping you. 

SEO + functional design = the conversion of consumers to customers

If you do not have an expertly designed website, you will miss out on customers. This will happen as you won’t be seen as trustworthy. High Google status will only keep you at the top if your website is also top-notch. If the website is not usable, consumers will go in search of a better experience.

Why You Should Invest In SEO

If you are still wondering if it’s worth the expense, then you’re thinking about it wrong. Investing money in your website and SEO means you will rank higher on Google. These two factors, when combined are a powerful force, one that can only help your business. 

If executed correctly you will be seeing extra revenue in no time. It’s called an investment because we guarantee you will make back what you put in and more.

This outcome is not only for the short term either. These strategies will continue to bring revenue to your business. Our client Moyo, a hair salon in Dublin, went from the second page of Google to the first in a matter of weeks. 

We achieved this by using their target keywords within their SEO strategy. This change in position increased their web traffic and led to a 20% rise in new customers in the first 8 months. 

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