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It’s not rocket science but it needs to be done right!
Mamma makes marketing easy with 3 simple stages.

Check out our 3 stages below

There are no cookie cutter plans here, all strategies are custom-designed for your business using these stages as a guide. Whether you need to start from scratch or can hit the ground running from stage 2, we’ll offer a free consultation with advice from our team of experts.

Be found on Google,
then be chosen

Start with the basics and build a strong foundation. That’s what we do during stage one by assessing your current online presence and carrying out quick fixes and implementations across your website, SEO, Google My Business and Social Profiles so you can see results, fast!

5-12 Weeks

Results within
2-6 Weeks

It’s time to become the star of the show! Stand out on social media and get your business ranking in the top 3 of Google search.

Now that the basics have been taken care of, outshine your competitors and rise through the ranks of Google search using advanced SEO, website and social media strategies. This is where you cement yourself as a top player, show the world you mean business and get your brand out on top.


Results within
10-16 Weeks

Target ideal customers with personalised ads & advanced marketing strategies

Let’s get personal and bring in new customers with targeted advertising and marketing strategies. Whether it’s seasonal or on-going, direct marketing is a sure-way to deliver your message to people who are going to take action! Guaranteed to increase revenue and bring in new customers once your online presence is looking and performing at its best.

Once-off or Ongoing

Results within
Proven with detailed reporting after every campaign

Is this where your business is at?

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See how some of our clients are doing

We work with all types of small businesses


Stage Three

Moyo Hair and Beauty

This Dublin salon followed the stages and increased the amount of new customers by 20% after only six months.

Stage Two

Icon Fasteners

A business that relies heavily on new customers coming from online needed a full service team to help with all of the important elements to their online presence.

Stage One

Lorraine Fletcher

A niche artist with a loyal client base, ready to attract new customers and connect to a thriving online art community.

All of our clients follow the same steps and stages

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